Fall Prevention Program by My Choice

As Tulsa’s resident experts on fall prevention we are prepared to train you how to minimize the risk of one of the most catastrophic events in an senior citizen’s life.

Fall Prevention Program

Bring our FREE Senior Fall Prevention Workshop to your group

We would love thFall Prevention Workshope opportunity to share some ideas with your group about how to minimize the risk of one of the most catastrophic events in the life of a senior citizen. To bring this valuable program to your organization, company, or family meeting, call us today at (918) 992-4860 or send us an email.

Did you know that:

  • 70% of senior citizen’s accidental deaths result from falls?
  • In our nation we spend $79 billion on medical costs attributable to falls each year?
  • Nearly half of all nursing home admissions are due to repeated falls at home?
  • One out of three senior citizens who live at home will need medical attention for a major fall every year? If you are over 75, the risk is even greater.
  • One out of four seniors who fall and suffer hip fractures die within a year of the injury?
  • Those that survive falls still often experience debilitating fractures of the hip, wrists or spine greatly decreasing their quality of life?
  • Many times the fear of falling leads to a lossof confidence, isolation and immobility?

You can see from this data that the risks of falling are not something to be taken lightly. However, we can help ease your concerns about the devastating effects of falls on seniors when you bring our fall prevention program to speak to your group! We routinely speak on how to prevent falls to companies, organizations, and families. We have put together an informative presentation (ranging from 20 to 60 minutes) to adequately prepare anyone how to minimize the risk of a senior suffering from a fall.

In this presentation, we share such things as:

  • The frequency and effects of falls among seniors
  • What most commonly causes a fall
  • Steps you can take to prevent falls
  • Important things to remember if someone does fall
  • How to properly assess if your loved one is at risk of a fall

We always provide resources and materials (brochures, videos, etc) for anyone interested at every presentation. Plus, every senior present will have the chance to participate in a free risk assessment

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