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In-home care services provides seniors with the personal day-to-day help they need to preserve their dignity and maintain a high quality of life. We don’t just add years to life, we add life to years.


Why Home Care?

Senior Home CareThere is an increasing public need for in-home health care services. There are many reason for this, but a few of the main ones being comfort, improved portable technology, and more affordable rates than traditional care in a healthcare facility.

Since modern technology has improved enough to enable many of the services that used to only be available in hospitals to now be accessible at home the need to be admitted to the hospital has diminished. Not only is it far more comfortable and convenient to receive care at home, but numerous studies have shown that it is also more affordable. Home healthcare is clearly the best form of healthcare available to the American public.

Home health Care Benefits

The best benefit is being home! Where’s the first place you want to go when you’re not feeling well? Home of course. We instinctively associate home as being a safe haven of comfort and peace where we are surrounded by our loved ones. For this obvious reason home healthcare is the best option.

Home care allows you stay with those you love the most. Especially in times of illness the ability to spend the most time with those who are dearest to you is of supreme importance. In-home care makes this not only doable, but natural.

Home care enables seniors to maintain their independence. There is no worse feeling than that of feeling totally helpless and dependent on others. Through the gentle assistance that home health care provides the elderly can continue to function as viable members of society.

Home care can delay or even remove the need for a nursing home. It is usually only due to a lack of ability to provide 24 hour care that an individual is institutionalized. WIth in home healthcare you can be sure that your loved one continues to receive the care they around the clock.

Home care aides in the healing process. There have been many studies to provide evidence that patients heal more quickly while at home!

Home care provides a freedom that the regulated environments of nursing homes can’t. No one wants to live in a regimented, strict environment, but there is no other way to effectively run hospitals and nursing homes. However, with in home healthcare the individual experiences freedom through the reassuring assistance of our caregivers.

Home care is customized care. Home care allows special emphasis to be aplied to your loved one taking special note of every need, interest, and desire they have.

Home care removes the fear and stress of learning how to care for you loved one. Our caring My Choice associates will teach you how to properly care for your loved one so that they can get well and stay well.

Home care reduces anxiety. It is common for health care to raise stress. However in-home health care is actually a stress reliever as it provides reassurance, freedom, comfort, and safety for the client and their families.

Home care is effective and efficient. People that receive home care associate it with a positive and comforting experience.

Home care saves money. By choosing to have your health services performed at home you save yourself the cost of room and board at the healthcare facility. By the clients family and loved ones providing food and other needs you limit your cost to a minimum. In general, home care costin one-fourth to one-tenth the cost of hospitalization or nursing homes.

Home care is given by people who love what they do. Not only are caregivers for home health care agencies dedicated to what they do, but the majority of them view it as their calling in life, not as just a job or profession. They love what they do and the people that they care for.

Home care not only extends life, but improves the quality of life. A study by the U.S. General Accounting Office has found that people who receive care live longer, more satisfying lives. Home care doesn’t just add years to our client’s life, but it also adds life to our client’s years.

Home care is the preferred form of hospice. When it comes to caring for the terminally ill, home care is by and large the preferred method of health care for it’s comfort and peace that being at home provides.

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“We laugh and talk about art and really enjoy being together. I look forward to her visits and am happy to get out and about. Bless you for finding my special friend.”

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